SkillNex Trading school

Learn how to trade on the stock market through practical experience, not just in abstract theory. Learn from active traders instead of economists who have little to do with actual trading. Forget dusty textbooks: learn through real trades! Our complete trading course is now free!


Skillnex offers you the following benefits:


learn to understand the trading lingo and how to decipher market forecasts


master the basic trading methods and try them out in practice


gain trading experience, open and close positions on your own

Why us?

Our teachers are our main strength

There are two kinds of teachers on our team: experienced methodists with the relevant academic background and traders who have made it big in trading on their own. Together, they create a profound knowledge base that they deliver to our students in an easy-to-understand format, with an eye to every difficulty our students may encounter.

Everyone gets a personal approach

SkillNex's alumni are people from all walks of life: teachers, managers, freelancers, students, and retirees. They are united by a single goal: to find trades that will grow their personal capital. We help them to find their way. We keep them motivated and support them at every stage of the learning process.

Our learning process has a few more things to offer:


a flexible schedule


personal tutoring with a trading professional


designer courses

Here's what people have had to say about us

Ekaterina Panchenko

Thank you so much, SkillNex! I finished the course two weeks ago and now I'm an independent trader, making my own trades on the stock market. I didn't think I would get further than trying out trading in a learning environment, but here I am! I've gotten the hang of it and now I'm seeing more and more profit coming my way. Most of my trades are low-stress, carefully considered trades—I'm not going all in just yet. But one thing I know for certain: I'm going to stick with it!

Timur Starodubov

To tell you the truth, I was scared going into exchange trading. I thought it was way too complicated and esoteric for me, I was afraid I'd just lose all my capital. Well, that fear is now gone! I know how to keep myself and my capital safe and trade with confidence. I'm trading by myself now—I don't even need the tutor's guidance anymore. So, to everyone out there sitting on the fence—don't be scared, just try it!

Aleksei Evdokimov

I already had some trading experience so it wasn't all new to me. I rehashed some things that I knew already and learned the right way to scalp stocks. Thanks for the learning materials! They just clicked for me, I sorted everything out for myself really quickly!

Yuri Saltykov

Learning to trade was a fateful decision for me. The company that I had been working for fired me despite my five-year experience in the industry, and I had to sort out my finances, fast. I tried getting into trading but I couldn't make heads or tails of it. I looked up some free courses to learn how to trade the right way and SkillNex came up. I learned more in my first week here than I did in two months of trying to learn on my own. In just my second week here, I got a massive return!

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